Wholesale DRINKs Products

Expressed Juice

Raw Cold Pressed Juice


Case: 24 units

Harmless Harvest

Fair Trade Organic Coconut Water

8.75oz | 16oz

Case: 12 Units

Health Ade

Hand Crafted Organic Kombucha


Case: 12 Units


Sustainable Purified Water

250ml | 500ml | 1Litre

Case: 24 Units (250ml|500ml)
Case: 12 Units (1Litre)

Sipp Soda

Organic Sparkling Soda

10oz Can | 12oz Bottle

Case: 12 Units (Cans)

Case: 24 Units (Bottles)

Keep it Cool

Miami Local Cold Brew Coffee


Case: 24 Units (Bottles)

Case: 24 Units (Poolside Plastic)

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We currently distribute a range of high quality natural beverages in South Florida and the Caribbean Market.